How much does it cost to join?

MAA initiation fee: $450

MPC initiation fee: $200

What are monthly costs?

MAA dues: $44

MPC dues: $20

Why is there both a MAA and a MPC?

Mishawaka Air Activities(MAA) owns the airplanes for the use of its members. The Mishawaka Pilots Club(MPC) run the airport.

Why do I have to join both clubs?

The MAA and the MPC have a long history of being mutually supportive; a strong MPC is essential to the success of the MAA.

Are members covered by the club insurance policy?

Yes, club members are covered as "named insured" on our policy. In the event of damage to an aircraft, the member is responsible for paying costs up to the deductible, currently $1000.


How much does flying the airplanes cost?

Cessna 172N: $87/hr wet (i.e. fuel incl.)

Piper Arrow: $133/hr wet

Cirrus SR20: $149/hr wet

Introductory rate 172N: $95/wet, prepaid

Introductory members don't pay dues until they convert to regular membership

Are there annual minimums for flight time?

Members are required to fly 12 per year. Members who fly less are billed at the Cessna dry rate for the shortfall (~$50).

How much does flight instruction cost?

Instructional rates are set by the individual instructors, and are generally $35-50/hour. Because of the portion of the FAA regulation under which we operate, members hire the instructor directly - they are not paid via the club.

How can you keep rates so low?

We are a non-profit run by volunteers, not a business with employees. Members pump their own gas, move the planes in and out of hangars, and clean our own aircraft. Twice a year the membership gathers for a Wash & Wax of the fleet.

How often do I need to fly as a student?

Earning your private pilot license will take a time commitment - each hour of flying is most effective if you spend a couple of hours at home preparing, and an hour with the instructor briefing - but if can flex around your schedule. While most people find flying 2-3 times a week most efficient, this can also bend to your schedule.  It is possible to complete the training in just a few months or stretch out over a couple of summers. Once you earn your license, it never expires.

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Are the planes well maintained?

Absolutely, we exceed the FAA maintenance requirements for flying clubs. Our mechanic has been working on our aircraft for many years and knows them well.

What is required to become a private pilot?

Be at least 17 years of age;

Be English proficient;

Obtain a third-class FAA medical;

Receive ground training or complete a home study course;

Pass a FAA knowledge test;

Receive at least 40 hours of flight instruction and solo flight time;

Pass a practical test with a FAA approved examiner



What are private pilot training costs?

total costs of training at MAA average $5500 - $8000

  • 40-60 hrs airplane rental $3k-$4.5K
  • 25-45 hrs airborne instruction $875-$1575
  • 20-30 hrs ground instruction $700-$1050
  • Medical Exam   $120
  • Home study course  $400
  • FAA knowledge exam  $150
  • Practical examiners fee  $300

Training at commercial flight schools cost considerably more..

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