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For more than four decades, the MAA has been the premier flying club in Michiana. Our mission is to provide our members affordable, well maintained single engine aircraft, support the development of piloting skills, and offer camaraderie among members and their families. We are a private, non-profit, member-run organization of aviation enthusiasts that owns four airplanes: two based at Mishawaka Pilot's Club and two based at Elkhart Municipal Airport. We'd love to have you join our club and discover the freedom of aviation.


Flying is more affordable than you think! Flying clubs offer one of the most affordable ways to participate in flying, and the MAA is no exception. Our long history and sound financial position allow us to minimize the up-front costs. Once you have your license, ongoing costs can be less than a cable bill, including membership and 12 hours of flying a year.

MAA members include former military pilots, regional and national airline pilots, certified flight instructors, recreational and student pilots. There is no minimum flight experience necessary. Only the willingness to learn.

PO Box 303 Osceola, IN 46561