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We are committed to affordable flying experiences

Michiana is a great place to fly!

There are dozens of small airports in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Ohio that turn weekend trips by car into day trips, and day trips by car into morning trips by air. Take your Mom sightseeing along the Chicago shoreline; take your spouse to lunch at Rick's Cafe Boatyard near Indianapolis; take your kids to the Kalamazoo Air Zoo Museum; take the family to Mackinac Island or Put-in-Bay, Ohio. Flying opens up a whole new perspective on Michiana.

How to Join

Our pilots and student pilots are members of both Mishawaka Air Activities (MAA), which own the airplanes, and the Mishawaka Pilots Club (the MPC), which runs the airport (3C1). Joining each club requires filling out an application, attending a membership meeting, having your application approved by vote, and paying the initiation fees.  The MPC meets on the first Thursday of every month. The MAA meets on the third Thursday of every month. Link to the MAA Application.


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Unsure? Consider an Introductory Membership!

We recently added an "Introductory" category of membership that is an option for the first 5 hours of flight time or 60 days, whichever occurs first.  It delays MAA initiation fees and the MPC application process. Flights must be with a MAA member instructor in a Cessna 172.  For student pilots, it gives a taste of flying; for licensed pilots, it gives a feel for the club while completing a checkout in our aircraft. Once the introductory period is over, you can elect to continue by converting to a standard MAA membership and joining the MPC.


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Learning to fly has never been easier!


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